There are something about us and our products

About us

We are two thirteen years old boys from Finland and we developing apps and websites on our free time. We do that because we like it. This is our hobby.

General about musical

Musical is a Finnish organization that produces online products and services, the main purpose of which is to enable people to enjoy free and private mobility on the Internet. The idea was launched in 2016 on a free and secure Internet, when Musical was founded. Musical so lyrically run internet laws.

Musical search engine

Musical search engine (MSE) is high tech web search engine like Google but google keeps your private files and make money with it. We don’t do that. We respect freedom of movement and privacy on the Internet. We believe that your private affairs do not belong to big companies like "Google, Yahoo! , Facebook ."

Musical browser

Musical browser is internet browser it’s private, safety, and fast (faster than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). We don’t track your browsing data like someone else (Google).

Help us to beat big bad company and chose Musical products.

We thank. - MSE Developers 4.1.2019